Tuesday, 21 June 2011

I believe in magic... with Rébecca Dautremer

Last 31st of may, I went to Fnac because a lovely woman came to Madrid. She was Rébecca Dautremer, one of my favourite illustrators.

Have you ever heard about The secret lives of princesses (Princesses oubliées ou inconnues)?

Haven't you seen her last Alice in Wonderland or Elvis?

I hope one day I could go to the theatre and meet that ladybird from La tortue géante des Galapagos.

Would you like to read Little Chickpea’s secret diary? If you do, you might like le Journal secret du Petit Poucet.

Everybody knows about Cyrano de Bergerac and his huge nose, even her.

I haven't read all the books she's illustrated, but I think all of them are great.

Do you want to believe in magic even moreRead'em!... and click here!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

~ I believe in magic... under THE RAIN ~

Have you ever seen the rainHave you ever listen to souls whispering in silence? Or ever felt those perfect drops hitting your face?
Have you ever danced or sung in the rain?

I have, and I think you too.
So I will never forget that smile in my face. I think that was the biggest smile I've ever felt! I'm sure! Even I laugh!
And now, I can imagine you smiling, laughing under the rain. I can see your body dancing, feeling the rythm of those songs that remain us happiness.
Don't you?

Is it water?! Really?!
I think it is not... It's something magic that makes you feel different.
It's more than just H2O!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

~ I believe in magic... with THE LION KING ~

If you can't stop feeling your skin warming when you listen to this,
 you believe in magic.

 They live in you.
     He lives in you.

Saturday, 9 April 2011


My friends doesn't know about this project I started last september.

Well, I'm writing its story and explaining my plans:

That day I was very happy because I organized my first gymkhana. Some of my friends were there with me when I had to go home, so I said bye and run: my bus was out there.
I was carrying lots of ballons and a big box when I got in the bus. There was a little boy crying in front of me, so I gave him one of my favourite balloons and he started to smile and laugh. He said thanks and I wanted to cry.
When I got out from the bus and wait for another one, I thought I could write a message on my white balloon: I SWAP SMILES FOR BALLOONS.

I just want people to stop and think of real important things. I just want them to be happy! Nothing else matters~

So, please, if you believe in happiness, if you believe in me, in this project... Please, start with me.
People has no time to know themshelves. Give them the key to learn about life, because it's really... perfect.


 So this is my project!
Hope you start it~

Friday, 1 April 2011

~ I believe in magic... in TERABITHIA ~

~Leslie Jess~

~ Come on. You can see the whole kingdom from up here. Isn't this cool? We can do anything here. Look at it. It's all ours. From the mountains to the oceans.

~ What am I looking for exactly?

~ You'll see.  Just close your eyes... but keep your mind wide open.

~ Wow.  What do we call this place?

~ Terabithia.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

~ I believe in magic... UNDERWATER ~

A very good work by Elena Kalis.

When I feel stressed and I can't believe in magic for a minute I look for her underwater projects and relax. It works.

Don't worry, be happy~

~ I believe in magic ~

Whoa... I'm starting this blog because I want you to learn what I've learnt.

This is going to be life's first lesson: HOW TO BE HAPPY.

I need you to look around and see a tiny thing that remains you of that great day, that friend or lover, that song... Come on, it's too easy!

Hey, you've got it? Well, now you're wondering why am I telling you this, ¿hah?.
The truth is that I just want you to smile!

There's something magic everywhere!
Mornings are magic!
Life is magic!
Sweets are magic!
Feeleings are magic!
World is magic!

So... I believe in magic.
Don't you?