Sunday, 27 March 2011

~ I believe in magic... UNDERWATER ~

A very good work by Elena Kalis.

When I feel stressed and I can't believe in magic for a minute I look for her underwater projects and relax. It works.

Don't worry, be happy~

~ I believe in magic ~

Whoa... I'm starting this blog because I want you to learn what I've learnt.

This is going to be life's first lesson: HOW TO BE HAPPY.

I need you to look around and see a tiny thing that remains you of that great day, that friend or lover, that song... Come on, it's too easy!

Hey, you've got it? Well, now you're wondering why am I telling you this, ¿hah?.
The truth is that I just want you to smile!

There's something magic everywhere!
Mornings are magic!
Life is magic!
Sweets are magic!
Feeleings are magic!
World is magic!

So... I believe in magic.
Don't you?