Sunday, 22 May 2011

~ I believe in magic... under THE RAIN ~

Have you ever seen the rainHave you ever listen to souls whispering in silence? Or ever felt those perfect drops hitting your face?
Have you ever danced or sung in the rain?

I have, and I think you too.
So I will never forget that smile in my face. I think that was the biggest smile I've ever felt! I'm sure! Even I laugh!
And now, I can imagine you smiling, laughing under the rain. I can see your body dancing, feeling the rythm of those songs that remain us happiness.
Don't you?

Is it water?! Really?!
I think it is not... It's something magic that makes you feel different.
It's more than just H2O!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

~ I believe in magic... with THE LION KING ~

If you can't stop feeling your skin warming when you listen to this,
 you believe in magic.

 They live in you.
     He lives in you.